Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NHS Track & Trace QR Code?

An NHS Track & Trace unique QR code is like a bar code uniquely issued to venues such as a Pubs, Restaurant, or other social venues, this QR code displayed the touch screen allowing customers to register their visit via their smart phones on entry to your premises.

What power does the unit need?

The unit requires 2 x 13a wall outlets within 500 mm of the unit.

Can I use any brand of sanitiser in this unit?

It is best to use the approved SteraScreen brand as it has been formulated to work with the dispenser but as long as the sanitiser is between 10-3800 CPS it should work fine.

Does the system come with sanitiser included?

Yes – the system will be supplied with 70% alcohol as standard but 80% and alcohol free are also available.

How is the content updated on the digital touch screen?

The content is updated via USB or a Mobile MDM like Mokie (see the user manuals)

Does the unit come with content already loaded on the touch screen?

Yes – the screen will be pre-loaded with standard sanitiser request and instructional content along with registration instructions if required for pubs and restaurants included in the price, in addition provision of brand identification by way of logos etc. can also be included in the preloaded content.

What maintenance is required for this unit?

The system needs flushing through with hand hot water at least once per week and cleaning of the nozzle with the brush provided.

How much sanitiser does the unit hold and how many dispenses does it provide per fill? 

The unit holds around 1000ml of sanitiser which equates to around 800 dispenses. 

Can you purchase spares for this unit when it’s out of warranty?

Yes –  a full spares list is available the unit and will be supported for many years

How is the dispensing system shipped?

The system is shipped via a specialist technology shipper with the option to drop ship or drop ship and take packaging away or all the previous plus fill and demonstrate.

Can someone set this system up for me on delivery and provide a demonstration?

Yes – please choose the drop ship, placing and demonstration from the options box.